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June 30, 2022|

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, we reported that a user was unable to access Apple’s web site. He speculated that the problem was limited to those using older Macs running old (pre-Open Transport) versions of the system software. .

Nils Dahl found the same symptom on his Performa 635 running Mac OS 7.5.5 with MacTCP; accessing the site from a Windows95 PC worked fine.

David McMurray writes: “I’ve been trying, without success, to reach website since the QuickTime 4.0.3 upgrade became available earlier this week. I’m using System 7.5.5 on a Performa 580CD and have never had a problem like this before. Other Apple sites such as Software Updates ( and the Tech Info Library ( are working just fine.”

Rubens da Silva is one of the few readers reporting the problem on both new and link alternatif oislot88 old Mac setups: “It seems that everyone at my company cannot access Apple’s web site. This goes for old and new Macs, before and after Open Transport. This happened recently, a short time before the Seybold conference. I have no problem accessing the Apple site from home on my beige G3 through my home modem on a dial-up account.”

Akamai as the cause? Daniel Leeper offers this potential explanation: “I recently noticed at the bottom of the browser window it says website when the website page is loading. I think that Apple just updated and then when they posted all the G4 updates decided to upload reupload everything , so all of the pictures that load on their page go through the local servers of Akamai. As stated at Macworld Expo in New York, Apple and teamed up for QuickTime TV (see press release and ), and Apple may be using Akamai for web graphics in general. Perhaps Akamai’s server routing requires Open Transport on end user’s Mac.

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