More People Should Watch This Sci-Fi Masterpiece on Prime Video

June 30, 2022|

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Bobbie Draper, for my money the coolest character in The Expanse.

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Fair warning: I am about gush about The Expanse. But before I do that, here’s a laundry list of things that are decidedly not good about The Expanse.

  • The acting is frequently off, sometimes flat-out bizarre.
  • The dialogue is regularly stilted and unnatural.
  • Despite having to do a lot of heavy lifting, the CGI can feel creaky and low budget.
  • Literally every decision made by Detective Miller (played by Thomas Jane) makes zero sense.
  • Thomas Jane’s hat. A terrible hat. Maybe the worst TV hat ever hatted.
  • See also: Thomas Jane’s haircut.

Whenever I go full hog trying to convince someone to watch The Expanse, I like to get this list out of the way. I want people to know from the outset: This TV show is not perfect. In fact, depending on what you value in your television, you could even call The Expanse “bad.”

I do not think The Expanse is bad.

On the contrary, I think The Expanse is very good. Often it’s good in spite of its flaws. Sometimes it’s enhanced by those flaws.