Somebody, for instance, might want to know what a Foozled Golfer is–perhaps I’ll just whet their appetites and save the answer for another day. While name brand drivers might guarantee more forgiveness, “buying distance” is simply impossible. ’s leading independent research firm for consumer, trade and retail golf trends, today unveiled “Assessing the Pyramid 2014,” a comprehensive study of serious golfers and their post-recession buying habits. He ambles along in a delightful Canadian accent (hitting 5-irons into a lake all the while) about how simple the golf swing really is. He has some fascinating videos available that show him hitting balls out of shoe-high grass in his backyard into the lake that borders his property. After a dozen or so, during which he worked up to a full swing, Streelman then switched to a short iron and began hitting balls at a target green on the right side of the…    read more