Boris Johnson’s election as leader of the Conservative Party represents a dubious first for me — in that I’ve now had a drunken dancefloor chat with a British Prime Minister in the wee hours of a weekend. To be fair to Boris, he was attending said event — to celebrate someone else’s career milestone — in a private capacity. Also, he seemed genuinely keen to know where me and my journalist pals fitted in — interest which may have been spurred by fears of a diary story. Politicians of all shades are generally depicted unflatteringly in fiction. Holding out for a hero to reunite our country? Then maybe avoid your local library’s stacks. Author Patricia Nicol suggested The Ghost by Robert Harris (left) and Animal Farm by George Orwell (right) From scheming parish councillors to rackety, corrupt mayors and unpatriotic PMs, novelists have drawn on life to mostly conclude that…    read more