An Irish mersin escort website encouraged men to pay for sex with Ukrainian women fleeing from Vladimir ‘s invasion, and live out their ‘war inspired fantasies’. A European anti-trafficking expert warned on Thursday that the Irish sex trade was already reacting to the refugee crisis which has seen an increase in demand from men trying to ‘identify and have sex with’ female evacuees. Valiant Richey, a representative from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, gave the website as an example of the increased demand. ‘We are already seeing the [sex work] market responding’ to the refugee crisis, he said. ‘For example, one of Ireland’s largest escort websites offered men the opportunity to live out their ‘war inspired fantasies’ with Ukrainian women.’ Mr Richey said the same escort website had reported a 250 per cent increase in Ukrainian woman using it to advertise services since the war began. An Irish…    read more