Surgery-addicted social media star Mary Magdalene made headlines this week after she claimed that she was kicked off a flight for looking ‘too explicit’ in a sports bra. But sources close to American Airlines told TMZ also obtained footage of Mary leaving an airport restroom before her flight with a large orange drink in her hand, but it’s unclear if the beverage contained alcohol or not.¬† Emergency exit! A source close to American Airlines claims surgery-addicted model Mary Magdalene (pictured) was kicked off a flight because she ‘appeared to be intoxicated’, although she insists that she was discriminated against for her voluptuous appearance¬† The Canadian model, who is currently in Los Angeles to celebrate her birthday, responded to the TMZ report in a series of videos and posts on Thursday night. ‘Why wouldn’t I be drunk now, it’s my birthday weekend, girl bye,’ she wrote. RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next…    read more