This succulent was previously called Sedum spurium. However, it’s now known as Phedimus sporius. Now you are ready to take the cactus out from its old container! Is it possible for the cactus to be planted in a garden? You might be tempted to put your succulent on the windowsill, but this might result in sunburns, which can turn the plant yellow. It may be too early to know what type it is. They are a particular kind of leaf known as’spine’. Grafting is similar to creating Frankenstein cactus. This water-soluble fertilizer for cactus is a good choice. It also thrives more, and its colors bloom more brightly with the right fertilizer. You can find all the answers at the Succulent City Plant Lounge. There you will meet other succulent enthusiasts from around the globe. Social media is a major part of our everyday lives. It’s no surprise that plant…    read more