Each vegetable variety has its “days to maturity” listed within the seed catalog or on the seed packet. This number indicates the average variety of days wanted from germination or transplanting to harvest. Using a calendar, see how the dates fall for the crops you are considering of rising. The times to maturity should fit comfortably into the variety of frost-free days in your region. In case your season is too short for a particular selection, look for one that matures in a fewer number of days. Deciding when to plant involves extra than just avoiding killing frosts. It also means pacing your planting so you get the utmost yield from a restricted space. This takes cautious planning. Some crops may be harvested steadily, others nature unexpectedly. Cauliflower, a part of the brassica household, which incorporates broccoli and cabbage, could be a tough vegetable to grow. “Cauliflower is a little…    read more