COVID 19 pandemic undoubtedly teaches people many lessons including the importance of self-discipline, acquiring new skills, the significance of exercising, and more. It has shown how irrelevant castes, religions, and genders are to protect oneself from this deadly virus. It has become a threat to the whole planet. Staying home is the only way to prevent infection. It is a highly contagious disease that can spread through coughing, sneezing, body fluids, etc. Living in a confined space for a long time and being bombarded by news and information about the pandemic leads to fretfulness, worry, boredom, PTS TEerbaik ASEAe and panic. Most people experience a feeling of depression and fear, especially the elderly community as they are at more risk due to poor immune systems.Stress brings several other complications like chest congestion and insomnia. Remember that you can fight the situation only by staying fit. This virus attacks the lungs…    read more