As Britons deal with an ‘extreme’ Spanish heatwave and temperatures are expected to soar to highs of 93F (34C), many will be worried about getting a good night’s sleep.  Tossing and turning while a fan blares in our ears, it’s not exactly easy to drift off into a restful slumber – but there are lots of ways to make sure you can still sleep soundly even when temperatures outside reach record highs. Dr.David Lee, clinical director at Sleep Unlimited, explained why it’s so difficult to sleep in the hot weather, saying: ‘When you get tired at night you feel a bit chilly. It’s actually a drop in body temperature of about one degree.  That drop is a signal to get cosy in your “nest” in order to get off to sleep.’  Of course, when the outside environment is so hot, it’s more difficult to get that temperature drop.Dr. Lee said: ‘That’s why you…    read more