The golfer may be better off to miss the green left with a draw. Actually turning them into inspiration towards better play. This guy obviously has “handicap envy.” He wants to appear to be a better player than he is. So, this guy who posts lower scores for a lower handicap is cheating himself and his partner out of possible stroke discounts. “net” double bogey (without a stroke on a hole, double bogey will be the highest score recorded; with one stroke, a triple bogey is possible; with two strokes, a quadruple bogey is allowed). In medal (stroke) play competition against several teams, the low net score total for 18 holes of the two-man team competes against other two-man teams for total score. In match play, low individual net score wins the hole. During his sophomore year, junior Trent Phillips was struggling to close out tournaments and secure wins. My…    read more