The Benefits of Watsu Therapy

June 29, 2022|

Is Watsu an art form or a way to relax? Is it an art or is it simply relaxation? The answer to the question lies in the Watsu history and concept of its founder, Kenji Tomiki. Watsu was built on the natural and holistic concept that all ailments are due to the imbalance of energies between the body, mind, and spirit. That is, a balance of the body and mind is essential for a balanced lifestyle.

Watsu originated in Japan. But, it has become known as Asian Bodywork. Watsu is a specific art, although most people think of it as an Asian massage. Watsu can serve many purposes today, including the relief of pain, stress as well as sports massage. Watsu is sometimes referred to for its Japanese massage. However, the words should never be used in conjunction.

Traditionally, a Watsu massage is comprised of four primary strokes that include gentle traction, soft stretch, turbulent drag and tapping. The four motions are designed to bring back peace and equilibrium in the patient. Each movement is designed to gently pull the muscles, stretch them and then relax them. The patient should not stretch out or contract. When done properly the gentle Watsu massage may help restore an individual to a state of good health.

Contrary to some forms of massage therapy, Watsu is not dependent on the services of a certified massage therapist. If you are not able to find a Watsu practitioner isn’t in the area it is possible for the client to perform his or her own Watsu stretch and muscle workouts at home. To relax and stimulate the brain, some therapists add music to their sessions. Watsu can be performed sitting on your stomach, with knees bent, and the hands placed over the foreheads.

Traditional Japanese practice believed that Watsu could help to maintain an overall healthy body. This way, a feeling of wellbeing was created, and the body was also well-maintained through stimulation of blood circulation. In addition, traditional Japanese medical practices believed that correct, soothing breathing was also vital to a the healing process to be healthy. The traditional watsu session involves breathing deeply, and then reacting to pressure using slow smooth moves in their legs. The therapist will eventually move their hands toward the belly, and then towards the heart area, applying gentle pressure until a sense of fullness was achieved.

A lot of people consider Watsu as massage. This is not surprising since many massage therapists have incorporated Watsu into their massage sessions. However, the origin of Watsu is more complex than just having a few clients stretch and rock on the floor. According to Juchitsu discipline, which is a classic Japanese martial art, the strikes used in Watsu are very specific and require intense concentration. The majority of the traditional Juchitsu arts also include breathing and stretching exercises that enhance your health.

Most people today think of the traditional Japanese hot-water treatments as healing treatments for various conditions. These include muscular pains and tensions in stress and anxiety, the relief of pain, the management of pain and 안산출장 stomach issues such as acid reflux, or irritable bowel syndrome. They also treat pain, headaches and insomnia. Watsu’s roots go back farther than most people imagine. Actually, the first form of watsu was derived from a type of Japanese fighting known in the form of “Sai”. Although the precise origin of the term is not known, experts believe it was derived from “Ki” that is the Japanese word for strike as well as “Rokaku” that is the Japanese word for kneading. In the present, “Rokaku” is known in the simple sense of “wai” which is also known as “war” for the type of massage.

Nowadays, there numerous variations of Watsu. They can be experienced in private and public sessions. The therapist will often be one-on-one with clients for the private session. They will use certain movements and hand movements to soothe clients and aid them in unwind. For public sessions, however the therapists typically come located across the globe who meet in one location to perform massive-group massages. To ease tension in muscles or tension from stress, and promote healthy living, all types of watsu treatments provide relaxing. Whether you’re seeking relief from the constant pain that comes from everyday life, or you just wish to be relaxed after a traumatic accident A massage therapy session could be the perfect solution for you.

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