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June 29, 2022|

The golfer may be better off to miss the green left with a draw. Actually turning them into inspiration towards better play. This guy obviously has “handicap envy.” He wants to appear to be a better player than he is. So, this guy who posts lower scores for a lower handicap is cheating himself and his partner out of possible stroke discounts. “net” double bogey (without a stroke on a hole, double bogey will be the highest score recorded; with one stroke, a triple bogey is possible; with two strokes, a quadruple bogey is allowed). In medal (stroke) play competition against several teams, the low net score total for 18 holes of the two-man team competes against other two-man teams for total score. In match play, low individual net score wins the hole. During his sophomore year, junior Trent Phillips was struggling to close out tournaments and secure wins. My new friend had been watching as I hit range balls before heading out. Rule 2-A ball hitting a tree shall be deemed not to have hit the tree. Do you have handicap stories you’d like to share in this space.

When he pays in to play and walks away with no reward, he may thirst for the day he posts his true scores and plays with a higher handicap, his real handicap. Playing different tees to suite his game does not a course make, said a CGA official who also said normally such scores would be vacated from his GHIN, but, since he had been creating his own course for many, many rounds, just get him to stop his course creation going forward. After my 6 I moved to the Fourteenth Hole, where I began to get my game back under control, playing bogey golf the next four holes. As it turns out, he was playing the Red Tees (Course Rating 70.8 / Slope 132) on some holes, the Wolfpack Tees (68.8/123) on some holes, and Gray Tees (66.4/111) on some holes. Using a USGA guideline, he was adding and subtracting Course Rating and Slope as he moved from course tee to course tee, developing his own special LPGC course. For instance, there could be a tournament in which one set of tees (Wolfpack) is played for six holes, another (Red) for six holes, and then another (Gray) for six holes, determining the Rating and Slope for that competition and telling the participants to post using that revised Rating and Slope.

Then there’s this other regular golfer at LPGC who was posting scores from the course but with a course rating and slope not shown on any of the seven sets of men’s tees. After peer pressure, hopefully he doesn’t do the reverse, posting higher scores. Posting Lower Scores: Esse Quam Vederi, Hah! North Carolina’s motto is “Esse Quam Vederi,” a Latin phrase that means “To Be Rather Than To Seem.” I’m not sure of the Latin phrasing but this particular golfer’s motto must be, “To Seem Rather Than To Be.” The NC motto is from Cicero’s essay on friendship, according to a Google search. Doing that regularly by individual golfers is a no-no, even if you don’t like where the tees are located on a particular hole for a specific set of tees. Recommendations are offered for consultants working with elite golfers. • The 2009 PGA Fall Expo in Las Vegas will include exciting Show Specials and new products from some 300 golf vendors; some 20 education and professional development seminars offered on the show floor at no cost; a completely redesigned show floor focusing on buyer interaction, education and networking; plus, lower costs across all participation levels. Sometime next year, hopefully in January, golfers from all around the world will be united through a new handicap system, which is appropriately known as the World Handicap System.

It went something like this: “Can you see that brook that golfers fear, and not fearing but feeling can you put that motion into your swing?” Chew on that for a while (that is, if you’re actually reading this). OVER THE TOP GOLF is a custom printed wilson golf balls swing method that enables golfers to build workable swings on troubled ground and I’m sure there are others. When I was 7 or 8 years old, he took me over to the Masters and in those days that was the only place Jones played. Over the years, there have been a few other notable player/caddie partnerships on tour. Phil Mickelson’s agent revealed on Monday the six-time major winner has requested a release from the PGA Tour to play the first event in June, with Robert Garrigus among the others seeking permission to also be part of the 48-man field. I won the first event of the year and remained on top of the order of merit for the entire season but was pipped at the last event to come second by just R100. The word “golf,” for example, is believed to come from the medieval Dutch word kolf, meaning “club;” and “tee” most likely derives from tuitje, a small mound upon which a ball was placed in the Belgian game chole (a kind of long-distance croquet).

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