Tornado in a TAP: New design creates water vortex that saves water

June 30, 2022|

The humidifier that DISINFECTS the air in your house: £500…

It also sells wallpaper imitating various shades of pavement (£199 for a 9m roll, Skinny Linear

It offers some chic accessories from Lyon Beton, which specialises in the hardy material.

The £999 tap and hand-dryer (and you don’t even get soap):…

So, it might not work in a cosy cottage with wonky walls. I’ve used two turbines to create the effect, with one making the water flow clockwise and the other anticlockwise.

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He said: ‘It’s a very simple design.

Designer Abigail Ahern thinks we should create digital-free spots in our homes with a deep seated sofa or armchair, sheepskin throws, and chunky knits.

‘The Quad ceiling light has a multi-linear composition, with a fine black wire in overlapping geometric shapes that cast beautiful shadows when lit,’ says Polly Dickens, creative director for Habitat.

‘Whether it’s the hand-thrown contemporary tableware of James and Tilla Waters from Wales, or the slipware of Devon-based Doug Fitch and Hannah McAndrew who use methods that are centuries old, or the blending of Orkney chair-making with the flair of the London-based designer Gareth Neal.

You could explore the green theme in your bathroom with the Olive Puddle or Racing Green Puddle glaze tiles (both £93.50 per sq m,

Slick surface: The concrete hauteville chair by Lyon Breton available at Amara for £349

For a more decorative nod to the museum, Tile Giant has a new range based on pieces from the V&A archive.

It uses turbines that spin in opposite directions inside the valve at the mouth of the tap to send thin streams of water spiralling down into the sink.

There’s the concrete floor lamp (£165) and magazine rack (£125).

It’s a penchant for clean, fine, black lines in geometric shapes. But, it could be neat and stylish in a student bedroom or city flat because it has a light touch.





The bottle that ‘makes’ water out of THIN AIR: Gadget uses…

What is it?

Forget Dyson’s AirBlade – this £150 dryer blasts water off… It’s a theme for Habitat next year.

Online retailer Amara pinpoints it as the material of choice for 2017.

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